Muslim OT Mama’s Ultimate Toy Gift Guide

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Muslim OT Mama’s  Ultimate Toy Guide

This gift guide lists my top 30 toys! It first lists the many things toys can be used for.  It then lists the toys and the symbols beside it tell what it can be used for. For your convenience each picture is an Amazon link, still in time for Prime Day Savings!

For example:

Playdoh-  S, F, VM

Play doh can be used for Sensory play by touching, it can be fine motor by pinching, rolling or using tools, and it can even be visual motor by using playdoh scissors.

SENSORY TOYS– Sensory toys are fun because they allow your child to use their senses to touch and explore while learning. In the gift guide these toys will be labeled S.

SENSORY TOYS FOR VESTIBULAR INPUT- Vestibular input is input that is gotten through movement, when head position changes then the fluid in the ear canals move and this provides vestibular input.  Vestibular input can be calming or exciting, if your child is seeking it look for toys marked SV.

VISUAL MOTOR– Visual motor toys are toys that require a child to use both the visual perceptual skills (their ability to interpret objects in space visually) and their motor skills (their ability to move and move objects).  The gift guide code will be V.

RECIPROCAL PLAY– Reciprocal play is when a child is looking and interacting with another person.  Almost any toy can be used to promote reciprocal play with a skilled adult however some toys are innately ones that support reciprocity, their code will be R.

Gift Guide Legend

Sensory S
Sensory Vestibular SV
Fine Motor FM
Visual Motor VM
Reciprocal R

Playdoh – S, F, VM

Kinetic Sand and Kits- S, FM

Water Table- S

Sand Table – S

Slime- S, FM

Fidget Toy Set- S, FM

Sit and Spin- SV

Hippity Hop Ball- SV *make sure you select the right size

Rody the Inflatable Horse- SV

Trampoline ( I would be very cautious and careful with this one, only get it if you can supervise carefully)- SV

Rocking chair- SV

Big Joe Pillow- SV

Legos- F, V (lego Duplo is great for younger kids and Lego Junior Kits are great for 4-7 to practice building from a model)

Kinex- F, V

Magnatiles- F, V

Super Sorting Pie- F, V

Pop-beads- F, V (there are big and small)

Wind Up Toys- F

Wok N Roll- F, V

Crayon Rocks- F

Let’s Go Fishing- F, V

Puzzles – (insert, foam or interlocking)- V, F

Lacing- V, F

Balls- R, V

Scatch- R, V

Blocks- VM, FM

Tunnels- R ( I love tunnels and there is so much you can do with one but that is for another post!)

Mr. Potato Head FM, VM

Perfection- FM, VM

Magnadoodle- FM

Boogie Board- FM, S

Please note: There is much more to play than these few categories such as proprioception (which is body awareness in space), gross motor skill development, turn taking skills etc. This list is meant to help parents chose gifts that will provide some therapeutic value and help them develop their skills! Enjoy!

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