Shopping, Shipping, Consulting for Therapy Items

Based on needs I have seen for therapy items and recent research I have done regarding pricing. I have decided to undertake a consulting, shopping and shipping endeavor to help those parents and others who need items for their differently abled loved ones. The most unique aspect of this concept is that I will give […]

Adaptive Feeding

Feeding is such an important Activity of Daily Living or ADL. However, sadly many children suffer from feeding disorders and difficulties. The reasons may be a medical condition or a sensory issue. Often premature babies suffer from feeding difficulties. Mealtime is so important across cultures, it is a time to sit down and enjoy food […]

Managing Behaviors

One topic that I have been approached about over and over is managing behaviors. Whether parents are concerned about harmless ones such as arm flapping or detrimental ones such as head banging, there are a few things to take into consideration. Point one, is this behavior harming anyone? If your child becomes excited and flaps […]